Past Life Regression Therapy

Who Was I In A Past Life | Past Life Regression Therapy


Past Life Regression Therapy is a method adopted by the practitioners to recover memories of previous lives of the patients via hypnosis. I’m not in favor of such therapies for various reasons.


Human beings are good at finding a root cause for any present situation in their immediate past. If the recent past is unable to satisfy their curiosity they would try to find a reason in previous life/ lives via such therapies. In case they find a reason from past, they can only accept it and can’t change anything from the past. Ironically such acceptance doesn’t work for most because the problem is still in present. Associating a problem to our past doesn’t help. More or less, when we start relating our present problem with past lives, we are actually trying to escape the present and putting all the responsibility on the past. The key is acceptance of the problem and a solution comes only after acceptance of the problem. What happened in past is past anyways and won’t do any good than adding headache after knowing it. Since the key is in acceptance, therefore, if we accept it in our present we can still give ourselves a chance to fix it. However, if we put it in the basket of past we would end up starting another chain of problems by unending imagination of the past which may not be absolute even in the memory.


In my personal observation, the live sessions of past life regressions look pretty much like therapists putting up words in client’s mouth and cook up stories from their weak zones of emotions and thoughts. With due respect to the therapists, I believe, overall it’s a marketing gimmick for those who are unfortunately not able take the pressure of present situations/ problems. Exposing an unknown world from past, which may or may not be true because there is no way to authenticate it via therapists, to such people would mean adding more to their problems. It’s like a person studying in class of English has not completed his homework and then suddenly some therapist tells this person that he could not complete his English homework because at that time he was doing French homework. And since the French homework also remained incomplete so he is carrying that pain till now. After such realization, this person who was already worried for English homework would also worry for French homework; Thanks to the therapist of past life regression.


Now we try to focus on the actual solution part that works. Let’s focus on the human being at a time when he is the most vulnerable i.e. as a child. If a child gets affection from both the parents in his growing up years, he is pretty much saved from all the psychological problems for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, there’re cases when this affection from parent is missing. Be it a child or a grown up person, if he gets the emotional support and love, he learns to tackle his problems in a way that won’t bother him beyond the limited scope of the problem. When we have any emotional support and love in our present, we feel lot more positive, cheerful and energetic. Eventually we learn our ways to deal with anything.

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